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To ensure that the discussions that happened at ISES are never forgotten an electronic publication will be released in the Fall 2009. This will provide the energy leaders of today with a glimpse of what the leaders of tomorrow are hoping to achieve.
The Post Conference Report is the legacy of the International Student Energy Summit; and just like the conference it was developed completely by students. It was distributed to energy stakeholder groups including government, academia, and industry, as well as to students around the world who are interested in energy. The publication is magazine style and includes:
  • Profiles of schools around the world with interesting energy programs
  • Regional articles written by student energy enthusiasts
  • The Student Mandate (the primary focus of the publication)
The Student Mandate expresses the key views, opinions, and ideas of the student delegates gathered throughout the conference. The Mandate is focused around the following areas:
  • CLEANER - The Environment. Energy is a necessity - but how do we make it cleaner? This topic relates primarily to the interplay between energy and the environment Carbon capture technologies and policies, alternative energies, nuclear, and pricing the environment are just a few of the issues relevant to this topic.
  • SMARTER - Technology, Infrastructure, and Economics. Energy is a necessity - but how do we make it smarter? Discussions will focus on technology and infrastructure development that are both sustainable and profitable. SmartGrid technologies, small scale power generation, and encouraging innovation and profitability are some of the main topics to be argued.
  • TOGETHER - Social Equity and Collaborative Policy. Energy is a necessity - but how do we use it together? This topic relates to regional, national, and international cooperation. Cooperation between academia, policy, and nations will be discussed as well as leapfrog technologies, international governing bodies and policies.

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