The Visionarrow
ISES is empowering the next generation of energy leaders that will support the global transition towards a sustainable energy future.
The International Student Energy Summit will use a multidisciplinary framework that encourages cooperation between all energy stakeholders, from an individual to the global community.

Our Goals:

  • Educate students about the current issues in global energy management.
  • Inspire students with the knowledge and courage to challenge the current energy system.
  • Encourage students to collaborate with the political, grassroots, and corporate communities, to discuss current issues and create alternative solutions. Unite likeminded students motivated to lead the world to a sustainable energy future.

Our Focus:

Our program focuses on three main pillars that address today's key energy issues:
  • Finance, Regulation and Sustainability
  • Global Energy Cooperation
  • Technology & Innovation
Program Overviewarrow
Our program team has thoroughly researched important issues to develop an extensive list of today's foremost energy experts. We are confident each speaker will bring a unique perspective to motivate the energy leaders of tomorrow to become involved today.arrow

Our Focus:

Designed by students, and supported by energy experts, the ISES program is reflective of current issues and developments in today’s global energy system.
The ISES program revolves around three pillars that are vital to the success of tomorrow’s energy leaders:
  • Finance, Regulation and Sustainability: An analysis of the current energy market and addresses the economics of new forms of energy.
  • Global Energy Cooperation:An analysis of how energy impacts geo-politics, and global development as the world becomes increasingly interdependent.
  • Technology & Innovation:An analysis of new processes and technologies being developed and implemented in both conventional and alternative disciplines.

Promise to Delegates:

ISES is about empowering future energy leaders with a comprehensive knowledge of real energy issues and a clear vision of how to achieve global energy transitions. We are confident that the experience of ISES will change the way every delegate looks at energy on both local and international scales.
It started as an idea... and grew into a movement.
The International Student Energy Summit (ISES) started as a mere idea in the mind of a second year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Calgary, Mark Blackwell. Mark had attended many forums around the world that discussed key issues in energy. Although all the events were informative, they were lacking a platform for students to connect and learn at their own level. He took the idea back to a friend and fellow energy enthusiast, Sabrina Sullivan, who helped to further conceptualize the idea of an event FOR STUDENTS, BY STUDENTS. This is when ISES was born. The vision was to have experts from all over the world come together with the ultimate goal of educating the leaders of tomorrow. Mark and Sabrina were able to gain the support of the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy at the University of Calgary, a think tank that is very supportive of student innovation and energy education. With ISEEE on board, the planning committee grew and the first event took place in Calgary, Canada - July 11-13, 2009. The event was extremely successful in bringing together young minds from over 30 countries, a family of supportive sponsors and energy experts from various disciplines ready to impart their knowledge. This network of individuals stays connected through biweekly newsletters, a blog and of course facebook and email. Every two years, a forum will be held to allow students from around the world to come together and reignite the passion and motivation they all share for energy.

Apis Design was the very first corporate sponsor of ISES, donating all the initial web design services and infrastructure costs back in 2007. They are a proud supporter of our student led initiatives.

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